Concrete Curb Forms: Selection Tips From Suppliers

Posted on: 7 December 2022


If your company is involved in the construction of concrete curbs, then one of the most important resources you'll need is a concrete form. It allows you to construct concrete curbs in a precise, methodical manner. You can buy these forms from suppliers, which won't be hard if you take these actions.

Refine Your Curb Designs First

Before you choose a concrete form from a supplier, it's a good idea to refine designs for concrete curbs first. Then you'll know exactly how your forms should be shaped and sized for an optimal investment that works out well. 

Look at the area where concrete curbs are going and then specify key details, including the size and slope. Then you can give these specifications to a form supplier and subsequently ensure the right option is recommended. If the supplier doesn't have the appropriate forms in stock, they can customize these solutions according to your curb designs. 

Opt For Lightweight Forms

If you want to facilitate concrete curb forming around a particular work site, it's a good idea to focus on forms that are really lightweight. Then you can easily manipulate these forms without the need for a bunch of special equipment that's probably expensive.

You may be able to move these forms by hand and get them into place without exhausting yourself physically. If you have a lot of concrete curb forms to manage, a lightweight design will save you a lot of time and energy.

Consider a Stacking Design

There may be sections of your concrete curbs that need to be higher than other areas. You can support them by looking for concrete curb forms that have a stacking design. Any time you need to elevate the height of your concrete curbs, you can stack these forms on top of each other.

The stacking nature ultimately lets you do more with concrete when using it to form curbs around properties, whether it's for aesthetics or flood control purposes. The stacking nature will hold up too because of the way these forms interlock and thus stay in place.

If you have a company that's tasked with setting up concrete curbs, forms are an instrumental resource you'll use for these projects. You just need to make sure you get forms from suppliers that are durable and have the right designs. Then you can have success with forming concrete curbs in a particular way. 

Reach out to a concrete curb forming supplier to learn more.