3 Questions You Need To Ask A Crane Rental Company Before You Sign A Contract

Posted on: 4 October 2022


Renting a crane is an economical way to ensure you get your construction work done without totally emptying your budget. However, before you sign a contract with a crane rental company, find out what other services they have and what other fees you might be charged. A good crane rental company will be upfront about these issues and have the information readily available.

Is the Crane Model Available Now?

If the crane rental company has nationwide locations, you have a much larger inventory to work with. The one problem could be that the model of crane that you need is not available in your area and instead has to be transported across a couple of states, for example. If this is the case and the crane has to be transported from another part of the country, will there be a fee that you have to pay? And, how long will it take to get the crane to your worksite from where it is now? Hopefully that works with your construction schedule.

What's the Situation With Renting Operators?

You may be able to have a crane operator from the rental company operate the crane, rather than having to provide an operator yourself. This is often better; with a rental-company operator, you don't have to worry about that adjustment period when your own operator is trying to get used to how that particular crane works. You will have to ensure that the rental company operator can work the hours you need them to. This is not a problem if you're working regular business hours, but if you have to operate the crane very early or much later in the day, you want to be sure the operator knows and is able to show up then.

Can the Rental Company Evaluate the Placement First?

The crane is going to sit in a particular spot at your worksite, and that spot has to be able to support the crane and keep it stable. While the spot you have should be suitable as long as the crane weighs less than what the spot can support, it's good to verify that. Some crane rental services offer site evaluation, in which a representative from the rental company inspects the intended site in person to ensure the ground is stable and level enough—and that the route into the worksite has enough space to allow the crane to be delivered in the first place. You will want to take advantage of this service to ensure the crane you rent will work out.

Crane rental services can be as bare-bones as offering only cranes for rent with no other services. But many companies offer much more, and you should see which services can help your company out and make crane rental and use much easier.  

For more info, contact a local crane service