5 Forklift Maintenance Tips To Remember During Winter

Posted on: 13 November 2015


Work doesn't stop just because it's cold outside, but using forklifts and other heavy equipment when the temperatures are freezing might not be optimal. Luckily, following a few forklift maintenance tips during the winter can help you keep your forklifts in good condition, even during the cold winter months.

1. Swap Out Your Tires

Consider swapping out your solid tires for the winter months. If your forklift will be used in the ice and snow, it may do better with pneumatic tires. Another good option is to add chains to the tires so that they will have better traction in tough winter conditions.

2. Use Anti-Freeze

Just as you wouldn't put regular water in your car during the winter, you shouldn't do it with your forklift fleet, either. If your forklifts will be stored or used in freezing conditions, the water inside of these forklifts can freeze and cause serious damage. This means that you should use anti-freeze instead; luckily, you can purchase and use the same type of anti-freeze that you would use in your personal car or truck.

3. Add a Weight Block

Even heavier forklifts can operate poorly in slippery conditions. Adding a heavy weight block to your forklift will help keep it on the ground when it's slippery out, which can help with better steering and operation.

4. Keep Work Areas Clear of Ice and Snow

It is important to keep work areas clear of ice and snow. Forklifts can slip and slide on snow and ice, which can lead to expensive damage and dangerous accidents. Making a point to shovel snowy and icy areas before the workday begins can help. Another option is to use a de-icing solution on areas that are prone to snow and ice build-up.

5. Protect the Exterior of Your Forklifts

The winter weather can cause damage -- such as rust -- to your forklifts throughout the course of the cold season. Keep forklifts under a shelter or covered up with a protective cover when they aren't in use, and spray them off to get rid of any ice, snow or debris that could contribute to rust.

Taking good care of your forklift fleet during the winter months is to key to safe operation without expensive damage. Luckily, following these five tips should help you and your employees keep your forklifts in good condition all winter long, and you can worry less about accidents, too.

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