3 Tips to Prepare Employees for Your Plant's Big Move

Posted on: 24 August 2015


If you have been planning on moving your plant to another location, you are probably pretty excited about all of the big changes that your company is about to go through. There can be a lot of positive things about relocations, such as moving to a bigger plant that will allow you to amp up your production. However, a big move like this can also be stressful, since it involves things like moving heavy equipment.

One thing that you shouldn't forget is that a big plant relocation can also be a big deal for your employees. Many employees get nervous about these types of big changes, and everyone could be feeling a lot of stress during your plant's big move. Therefore, to keep things as calm as possible, you should remember these tips to help make the big move as easy as possible for everyone who works for you and your company

1. Don't Be Sneaky

Sometimes executives try to handle these big moves as much as possible without cluing their employees in, but this is never a good idea. Word travels fast, and more employees might find out about the move than you think. If you aren't keeping them up-to-date on what is going on, rumors could start circulating. This can be damaging for your plant's reputation and for the productivity and morale of your employees.

Therefore, it is smart to let your employees know what is going on from the very beginning. Host meetings, and put out memos periodically to let everyone know what is going on.

2. Get Employees Involved

Although you will obviously want to hire a plant relocation service to help you with things like heavy equipment moving, it's a good idea to get your employees involved in the process as well, when you can. Employees can help with packing up basic things like cleaning supplies and paperwork, for example. This can be beneficial in a few ways: first of all, employees will probably feel more comfortable if they know that they are a part of the process, which can make them feel like part of the team. Plus, you can save money if you have your employees help with these things.

3. Help Employees Adapt to Their New Surroundings

If your employees are used to working in one plant, moving to another one can be a big change and can require an adjustment period. Try to set up machinery in a comfortable, familiar way, and take your employees on a tour of the new plant when it opens so that they are familiar with their surroundings.

Moving your plant from one location to another is not easy, and it can be particularly tough on your employees. Following these tips can make it easier for everyone who is involved. For assistance, talk to a plant relocation service.