Four Tasks That Need To Be Done After Buying Used Construction Equipment

Posted on: 15 July 2015


If you have a construction business and are looking to buy equipment, used heavy construction equipment for sale may be the most affordable option. These machines are often in good working condition, cost less and will not put you in a bind with credit. Used machines also have a lot of maintenance and upkeep needs. Here are some of the maintenance tasks that need to be done before you start to use your used construction equipment:

1. Inspect Machine For Small Repairs That Need To Be Done

Sometimes when you buy used equipment, there may be repairs that are disclosed at sale. Other problems can be hidden and not noticeable. Once you get your equipment, inspect it for any small repairs that need to be made. Check all the connections, lights and working parts to make sure that there are no small repairs that need to be done. Sometimes, doing something as simple as changing a dry or cracked bushing or hose can save you thousands of dollars down the road.

2. Check All The Fluids And Top Them Off If Needed

While you are inspecting your new machinery, it is also a good idea to check all the fluids. Check the fuel levels and make sure that the machine has the right type of fuel. Also, check things like coolant and hydraulic fluid. You will want to top these things off to correct levels to ensure that your machine is working properly before you start working.

3. Grease Working Parts With A Grease Gun

Machines have a lot of moving parts, and these parts need to be greased. You will want to go around and add grease to areas like wheels and other parts that need it. Usually, there will be valves for greasing the parts that need it. Check all of these valves to ensure that the machine is well greased before you start working with it.

4. Clean Debris And Spray Exposed Parts With Lubricant

Used heavy construction equipment is likely to not be too clean when you get it. When you are revising your machine, you can also pressure wash it to clean of any dirt and debris. This can expose damage and repairs that need to be done. Once you have washed it, it is a good idea to spray exposed parts down with a lubricant. This can be done using a paint sprayer filled with oil. Doing this will help to prevent rust and excessive wear on your machine, as well as help lubricate any moving parts.

Doing these chores before you hop in and get to work can save you time and money with repairs. If you need machinery to get work done, contact a dealer of used heavy construction equipment to get the materials you need to get the biggest jobs done.