How To Find More Eco-Friendly Crane Systems That Reduce Carbon Emissions And Help Save The Environment

Posted on: 26 May 2015


Being environmentally friendly is often seen as something that happens only at an individual level, but this isn't necessarily the case. Entire construction businesses can also do their part as well. Here are some crane technologies that will help you make your business more environmentally friendly when it needs to use anything related to cranes.

Efficient Intermodal Crane Yards

If the type of crane you need is more for moving a container from the shore to a ship, there are eco-friendly versions of this type of crane as well. It's called an intermodal crane, also known as a container or gantry crane.

There are now eco-friendly versions of this crane based on energy efficiency and recycled materials. A number of yards operating intermodal cranes can now be made with 100% recycled materials including recycled steel, for example.

These crane yards can also be made more efficient due to cargo scanners placed at the right parts of the yard to increase the efficiency of the terminal. This increased efficiency reduces the carbon emissions of trucks bringing containers into the yard, for example. The more these trucks idle waiting for the yard to operate, the more fuel they will burn.

The more fuel the trucks burn, the more carbon is released into the air. Using more efficient crane systems at dockyards or in construction yards will decrease cost and make for a greener business.

Hybrid Electric Construction Cranes for Rent

If you need to rent an intermodal crane for construction purposes (from companies like A C Jones Trucking Inc), one approach is to use a crane that doesn't use only fossil fuels. Traditionally, cranes used primarily fossil fuels to have enough energy to pull up the heavy loads required to create and repair buildings. The problem is that this caused a huge amount of wasted energy and carbon emissions.

Now, there are hybrid cranes available that use both electricity and fossil fuels in order to function. These cranes can be used in any capacity including for traditional industry construction. The claim is that the cranes can use as much as 70% less fuel than other cranes that have a more traditional fossil fuel approach.

Renting a crane like this will help save the environment through less fuel consumption on multiple fronts. For example, hybrid cranes don't just use less fuel, in general, they also avoid wasteful practices other cranes often have such as high-speed idling. This is because the crane can rely on its electric side instead.