How To Safely Remove A Tree Stump Without Dangerous Chemicals

Posted on: 13 April 2015


After you've cut down a tree in your yard, you're left with just the stump. Many people find tree stumps to be unsightly. In addition, they can pose a barrier to safely walking around your yard as well as to any plans you have for your yard like building things. The problem is that removing a tree stump can be dangerous if you go about it the wrong way. Here are a few safe ways to remove tree stumps.

Stump Rotting

If you'd rather avoid extreme measures altogether, one highly safe method is to rot the stump from the inside. This has the advantage of being entirely natural. One way to do this is to drill several holes into the stump with a spade bit.

Each hole should be around 10 inches long. Make sure you drill the holes at about a 30 degree angle. You can then put anything you want inside the stump that has a high amount of nitrogen in it.

This could include all natural ingredients like manure that's still fresh or even compost that you do yourself. You'll want to use a scoop to fill up each hole with the nitrogen. Next, you should pour water into each hole using something like a funnel.

The stump will slowly soften and rot out. Once parts of it get soft enough, you can break off each section with a shovel. You will also want to fill in the hole afterwards with some dirt.

Renting a Stump Grinder

Another approach you can take to getting rid of a stump without resorting to chemicals that you're worried will cause damage to your yard. Most people don't just have stump grinders lying around in their yards, so you will need to rent one from a rental company, such as Rentals And More Inc.

You can also hire a professional to grind the stump for you. Deciding which is better will depend on how big your stump is. You can pay as much as $150 to have a landscaper grind a stump with a 24 inch diameter.

Most stump grinders that are gas-powered cost between $100 and $190 per day to rent. This means that if you just have a small stump and it needs to be done quickly, going with a professional is probably the best bet. This is also the best approach if you are concerned about safety.

However, if you have multiple stumps, or if the stump you want to remove is much larger than 24 inches in diameter, then it could help to rent your own.