2 Gardening Projects Made Infinitely Easier By A Compact Excavator Rental

Posted on: 8 April 2015


While some may think that renting an excavator to do a gardening job might be a bit excessive, the reality is that one of these modern devices can turn a multi-week project into a weekend project with time to spare. Here are two projects that are perfectly suited to using a compact excavator that will make your life much easier, and your garden look much better. 

Leveling and Grading

Especially if you're starting a new garden and want to get off on the right foot, making sure that your garden is properly level is key to maintaining a clean aesthetic and ensuring proper water flow. Thankfully, this task is far easier with a compact excavator, which can be the only way to level a larger garden, since doing this by hand could take days of hard work.

To begin, set up a series of stakes around the garden area with strings attaching them. Placing a level on top of the taut string will help you figure out which areas need soil and which could stand to lose some, and of course, holes are going to need filling and bumps should be flattened.

The reason that a compact excavator is perfect for this job is because it often requires moving a large amount of soil a fair distance, and it requires precision that is hard to get without the birds-eye view of construction machinery. 

Stump Removal

Again, this one is most relevant if you're just starting a garden, or if you want to expand your existing garden. DIY stump removal does require some finesse, but it is possible if you're armed with a compact excavator. A crucial step to this process, and what can allow you to do it yourself rather than hire a landscaper, is leaving enough of the stump in the ground so as to provide leverage against the roots. That way, you can use the stump against itself to slowly work it out of the soil using the excavator. Smaller roots might have to be taken out by hand, but the hard work can be done with ease with the excavator. 

Sure, you can do all of your gardening by hand, but when starting or expanding your garden, this can be a huge inconvenience, and can leave you exhausted after doing relatively little work. In order to avoid this, renting a compact excavator from a company that has garden rentals can allow you to complete projects like leveling, grading, and stump removal in a weekend, without having to hire an expensive landscaping company.