Tips On Replacing And Operating An Air Compressor

Posted on: 6 April 2015


Whether you handle carpenter jobs, wood work or home renovations, the air compressor is one of the most important devices that you'll need in order to make these jobs a reality. To that end, you can use this guide to fill you in on the road that the air compressor plays, how to take care of it and more. Since the air compressor powers so many wood working and home improvement tools, you'll need to empower yourself with some information if it happens to malfunction. Knowing how an air compressor works, thoughts when buying a replacement and how to operate your new air compressor unit safely will pay huge dividends.

How does my air compressor operate?

An air compressor is a type of power source that utilizes mechanical energy to create enough power to be the driving force behind a number of tools. This pressurized air is used in things like nail guns, drills, paint equipment, and more. It is important to know that it comes with a duty cycle, which dictates how long it can operate before it must be replaced or repaired. 

What should I look for when buying an air compressor?

If your repair contractor tells you that you'll need get an air compressor fixed or replaced, it pays to understand some important factors to when looking to purchase a new one. Consider some of the following factors:

  1. The source of power - The power source that your air compressor uses will mean a lot when it comes to how you take advantage of it. For instance, some compressors are powered by electricity, while others are powered by gas. 
  2. Oil lubricated or Oil Free - The type of maintenance that you provide for your air compressor can depend heavily on whether the machinery uses oil or operates without it. 
  3. Ratings and specifications - In order to understand how much work an air compressor will perform, you'll have to gauge the raw power specifications, such as horsepower, standard cubed feet per minute and PSI. 

How can I operate an air compressor safely?

When utilizing an air compressor, you'll need to keep safety at a high priority. Do so by following some of these safety tips:

  • Always wear goggles when operating this type of machinery
  • Make sure that your hoses are connected tightly and securely
  • Never point tools toward your face of body
  • Keep the air compressor grounded electrically

To replace your air compressor and get the most out of a new one, talk to a professional like Compressed Air Systems.