Tips When Addressing Hydraulic System Repairs

Posted on: 29 January 2021


Hydraulic systems incorporate a lot of key components that are unfortunately not always able to perform consistently. If there are parts that could use a repair, such as some pumps or valves, then you want to use these tips throughout the repair.

Properly Disassemble Parts 

If you want to have an easier time working on major components of a hydraulic system that need to be repaired, then consider disassembling the parts. You don't have to do this completely, but taking the target component out of its assigned position makes it much easier to analyze and repair.

You'll have access to all sides and surfaces throughout your repair, which can ultimately help you come up with the best solution based on what has happened to the hydraulic part. Just make sure you remember how the hydraulic system was first assembled so that you don't have trouble putting components back together at the end. 

Utilize a Rubber Mallet for Hammering

There may be a repair that requires you to hit pieces into position on a hydraulic system. You want to be extra careful with the tool you use for this hammering as to not cause structural damage like scratches. For this repair chore, you're better off using a rubber mallet.

Even if you use a lot of force with this tool, the rubber is uniquely designed to distribute impact as to not cause surface damage or marks after each strike. That can help you hammer components a lot more effectively as you don't have to worry about holding back.

Clean Before and After Repair

To get the best repair results with a hydraulic system, you want to clean before and after the repair. You can then prime components properly before any work is done to them, which ensures no contaminants like dirt and debris affect the repair results.

Then when you clean after the repair, you can ensure that the setup will be smooth and that, subsequently, the hydraulic system will work like it's supposed to because contaminants were alleviated. Just be careful about which cleaning products are used on hydraulic parts so that you don't interfere with how they're supposed to work. 

Hydraulic systems will need to be repaired in some way at some point. If you have an impactful plan in place regarding how you go about the repair process, you'll end up with better results and ultimately won't have to worry as much. 

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